Saturday, June 23, 2012

1983 Motobecane Mirage Sport

 1983 Motobecane Mirage sport made in france. The bicycle came equipped with a Sachs Huret 12-speed drive train, Weinmann brakes and rims (27"x1-1/4") Motobecane branded seat post and handle bars. Motobecane was modernizing and moving towards lugless construction which they called "Inexternal" brazing process. The seat post is held in place by a bolt pushing up against it instead of the traditional binder bolt. This can be seen in the picture above, located behind the seat tube metal decal near the seat post cluster there is a small allen bolt that screws in and out of the seat post.

The brand name was changed to MBK after the firm went bankrupt somewhere around 1986 as there is no 86' bicycle catalog. Motobecane USA (brand by Kinesis, taiwanese exported bicycle frames) is not affiliated with the old made in france bicycle company.
The bicycle in the pictures has a 58cm seat tube.


Internal rear brake cable routing

Hand stitched handlebar wrap for Motobecane by Hutchinson


  1. I still own one of these and ride it daily, truthfully it is still one of the best and most comfortable road bikes I have ever ridden, 30+ years old and still rides like a dream (I will never give it up, am considering buying a new bike only to preserve this treasure) 30 years and never an accident mine looks exactly like the one pictured

  2. Hi ,
    I have a motobecane mirage sport just like the one in the pictures in similar condition.
    What would be a fair price to ask if i was to sell it?

    Thank you